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Are you a Startup, Single Person Managed, Micro, Medium, Large, Multiple branch-based businesses?

Are you in need of a Customized Software to manage your business?

You are in the right place. We make the most useful and very economical software for your requirements.

We, Design & Develop Customized software. We also help to implement, train and maintain it. We cater both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) requirements.

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Portfolio of software & mobile app

FCMS 2.0 (Food Card Management system)

Ver 2.0

FCMS 2.0 (Food Card Management system)

IIDHARA 2.0: (Online Software)

Ver 2.0

IIDHARA 2.0: (Online Software)

MCMS 1.0 (Membership Card Management System)

Ver 1.0

MCMS 1.0 (Membership Card Management System)

Prime Safe Management Software

Vr. 1.1.5

Prime Safe Managment Software

Prime Safe GPS Tracking

Vr. 1.0

Prime Safe GPS Tracking

Prime Safe Beta (Early Access)


Prime Safe Beta (Early Access)

Torah Ventures Management Automation System

Prime Aarogya Yuva Business Management System

3.1 NEO

Prime Aarogya Yuva

Phonics Power Management Automation System

Ver 1.0

Phonics Power MAS

Sathvik On Wheels Point of Sale & Master Business Software

Ver 2.1

Sathvik On Wheels

Torah Student App

Ver 1.0

Torah Student App

Phonics Power Student App

Ver 1.0

Phonics Power Student App

Prime Yuva Parent App

Ver 1.0

Prime Yuva Parent App

Rainbow Promoters
(Construction Expenses Management System 1.5)

Ver 1.5

Rainbow Promoters (CEMS)

Who We Are?

Business Dragan is a boutique custom software development company, having its development division in Chennai, India and its sales and support office in Deira, Dubai. As one of India’s Fastest Growing Professional customized software development firm, Business Dragan focuses on providing reliable services, innovative products and successful long term relationships with all its clients.

Business Dragan offers! The Best Deals

Business Dragan gives you the most economical and competitive quotes. It caters to all sizes of businesses. From a startup to a large corporate with pools of staffs.

Our Clients

kamadhenu Jewellery

Prime Aarogya Yuva

Rain Tree Hotels

Ponnu Super Bazaar

Prime Health Card

The Leela Palace


Medicos 360



Santhosh Super Stores

Pleasant Days

Primeindia Health Care

Darivand & Associates

Fourlines preschool

Phonics Power

Sacn exports

Abhay Constructions

Paradise Womens Hostel

Pallav interiors

Global Language Solutions

Max Neo

Oleiva Gold

Seven 3 Exports

Glister Eventz

Vv Stock Brokers

OM D'Signs

SVM caterers chennai

Swap Info Development

Birds Health Care

Synthia's IELTS&PTE Coaching

Rainbow Promoters

Torah Ventures LLp

Yat Kinchith

a small contribution towards our corporate social responsibility

'Yat Kinchith' means, whatever small quantity possible. In a broader understanding it denotes us not to wait for the right time or more wealth to help others, but to contribute whatever possible, even in smaller or negligible quantities.

The inspiration for this initiative came from Shri Maha Periyava's 'Pidi Arisi Thittam' where he asked us to contribute just one hand full of rice daily rather waiting for a good time to contribute a whole bag of rice. What a vision, what a simple way to us all to contribute.

Yat Kinchith, is a simple initiative started a year ago by BUSINESS DRAGAN & THEJAS GRAAFICS. We took up a path less traveled. We wanted to give some nutritious supplement for both the students and teachers of Veda pathshala. We found that most contributions come in the form of clothing, vessels, food grains and even as money. We have started to provide Badam Nuts to all students and teachers of the Patashala. We provide one month or quarterly supply of badam, calculating two per head per day. We resupply when the quantity is over. This is a very very tiny contribution when compared to gigantic things done by all fellow beings and corporates. But at this time, this is what possible by us and we take great pride in doing this. By our small gesture if the students and teachers get even 1% of their immunity power and get 1% of the increase in their remembering capacity we consider our actions to be victorious.

The reason for this page is on this website is, to make people feel ok, even if they contribute an insignificant tiny sum, it counts for the people who are receiving it. Let us contribute something good even insignificantly smaller, rather waiting for good time to come in.