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Our principles are creativity, design, experience and knowledge

About Us

Experience is our power

Innovation through our collective experience.

Business Dragan is an innovative technology firm located in India. As one of India’s Fastest Growing Professional Web Development Firms, Business Dragan focuses on providing reliable services, innovative products and successful long term relationships with all our clients.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

As we automate, we ensure that customer care is our number one priority. We listen to our customers and strive to build strong relationships with them to grow our businesses together. Our automation is committed to provide innovative and effective services that meet the ever changing demands of businesses.


HTML 5 & CSS 3
Javascript & Jquery

Our Goal

To deliver robust, scalable and viable solutions and stick to our valued client's deadlines. Deliver cost-effective applications that exceeds client expectancy.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a strong, agile IT organisation that adds value to our clients with best-of-breed solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance our customers' competitive advantage with world-class products and services.

We think. We design. We make.

At Business Dragan we design, build and run IT systems and process for business. Our services encompass software development, integration, business intelligence (BI), database and system administration, enterprise resource planning and project management. Our Competitive Proposition is to understand our client's business so that they can trust us to provide best-of-breed solutions, tailored to their requirements.

We know that cleverly applied information technology makes a demonstrable difference to our clients’ businesses. We support both existing IT systems & processes and custom-design brand new ones. We design software that solves complex problems for all types of businesses. We've helped many of our clients to work smarter.

We pride ourselves in understanding our customers' businesses and adding value by assisting them to achieve and maintain their competitive edge.

Our Team


Vijay Sagar P

Managing Director

Former Professor from the Prestigious Anna University, Chennai with a background in Geographical Information system. Technical being his passion he guides the team towards better solutions. The coolest member of the team often provides valuable insights thereby taking the business forward.


Krishna Kumaar Ramadorai

Director - Marketing

Marketing being his forte, with an impressive career spanning over a decade, he connects with the clients one to one. Balances both the technical and marketing segments.


Kalaivani Radhakrishnan

Director - Finance

Taking care of the backbone of the organisation 'FINANCE', she sets the quotes and invoices in motion.


Hari Shankar S

Application Developer

An active member, currently involving with the Team via Android & IOS based projects.


Selva Kumar D

Application Developer

A sincere member, currently involving with the Team in PHP based projects and Website Development.


Ramesh Balasubramanian

Sr Consultant & Project Manager

Ramesh quitely takes care of our new clients / startups and helps them out to ease out the various challenges.



Channel Sales Partner

Our Channel Sales Partner, in-charge of our Sales & Marketing.


Kathiravan Sindhaikkinian

Technical Consultant & Project Coordinator

Expert in Standalone Software in .Net (Business Module Structuring & DB Construction). He coordinates with the team and ensures a quality output every time.


Rajesh CSP

Sr. Application Developer

A PHP Exponent, bringing himself out in LAMP architecture. He has played a vital part in Framework based outputs of the organisation.



Office Executive

The busy bee of the team. Taking care of max number of outdoor oriented works. A dedicated and responsible person, acting as the tip of the spear connecting the clients and the organisation.