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Prime Yuva Parent App Ver 1.0

Parents are kept aware of their ward's health records and about the various health related campaigns conducted in school

Prime Smart Alert Ver 1.0

Prime Yuva Smart Alert Application is an handy tool for schools in case of any emergency in school.

Prime Project Coordinator Ver 1.0

Project Coordinator can allot program, get school wise information, share program's events photo to project head & project coordinator and so on

Prime Yuva Project Head Ver 1.0

Project Head, organises both project counsellors and project coordinators.

Prime Project Counsellor Ver 1.0

Project Counsellor helps to organise events in a smart and efficient way.


SANKYA, is an exclusive application developed. It lets you to update jewellery price, discount, new arrivals and so on.


Welcome to ‘ACNOVA’ the Academy for Professional Excellence. ACNOVA is a novel training academy that provides a core deliverable of programs courses and learning objects for the aspiring global pharmacist. .

Fourlines preschoo

Fourlines preschool believes in a learning environment that fosters social and emotional development. We feel that preschool should be a "home away from home," that encourages cooperation with classmates and positive relationships with teachers.

Phonics Power

Phonics Power was founded with a vision to provide a scientific English learning experience to young children – an experience that will serve as a launch pad for their success in academics.

lobal Language Solutions

In today’s global scenario, where the tentacles of every Industry are spreading far and wide, there are countless windows of opportunity open to individuals and organizations who are equipped with the necessary foreign language expertise.

Selco HR Business Process Online

A Complete online solution for bringing the business process online. A paper free solution bringing all involved staffs in a conveyor way of handling business.

Each employee will be provided with their screen and once their job is completed the job will be pushed to the next employee. If the job is delayed a notification is sent to the admin. Thereby making the process to flow smoothly.

Prime Yuva (Online Sofware)

A Complete online solution for bringing the business process online. A paper free solution bringing all involved staffs in a conveyor way of handling business.

Iidhara 2.0 (Online Sofware)

A boon to the graphic industry, signage industry, design industry, advertising industry companies. The software helps to manage and process inflo of leads, manage jobs, execute job orders, manage production, etc.,.

Ponnu superbazaar

Ponnu Super Bazaar boosts itself for its largest stocking of variety goods including, Provisions, Vegetables Fruits, (Gents / Ladies / Children -Readymade) Apparels, Consumer Durables, (Mixie, Grider etc) Electronic Goods (Plastic Items, Cookware, Artificial flowers, Gift Articles, Gift Coupons) Household Items etc.

Sathvik on wheels

Food is a gift from God and should be treated with great respect. Sathvik on wheels is a wonderful project where simple food is delivered at home. The website and mobile application enables the customer to book or prebook their food.


Hair is one of the highest rated commodity. Not many people to know, but India stands as one of the biggest exporters for it.
This is an intricate webportal displaying the various products and its shipping solutions as one to one basis.

Sports max

SportsMax is a rising online mega store for all sports related products. We ensure your quarry about all sports related products (Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Swimming, Fitness & Boxing etc).
This website acts as a gateway between the quality supplier and the sports enthusiasts.

Natural Office Mart

Bio Metric Stand Alone Application

Prime School Clinic

FCMS – Food Court Management Syste

This system allows Star Graded Hotels to manage their complimentary food services through service cards. This encourages a paper less environment bringing all most all processes online.


Welcome to the ever famous Cricket Game! we’re inviting everyone to tap/click and take a swing at our pocket-size game!
We have kept the file size fly-sized, and the result is our smallest interactive phone game.
Very friendly does not need internet for playing. Very Small in size (about 100 kb)
Be prepared for awesome fun! 4 & 6 here I come !

Torah Ventures LLP

Torah Ventures is an educational academy dedicated towards Advanced Language Courses.
This Friendly application helps students who are professionals by providing them a scheduler in a robust way. Its an all in one app.


Performing all kind of Homas, Poojas and Religious Functions at your place or at our place as per your convinience.
A New age application to book Priests for
Homas, Poojas & Religious functions

Phonics Power

Phonics Power is an institution for kids under 12 years.
This application is for the parents to keep track of their kids activities.

In Case of Emergency Application

Used in various applications and industries such as Health & Wellness etc., Continuous R & D is being carried forward to bring forth the various features and utilities of this Application.

Prime health card

In a Medical Emergency: PHC – stores all you & your family members’ critical medical information like medical history, medication, allergies and other vital medical information that any doctor would require while treating.

Prime aarogya yuva

There is nothing more important to the parents than their child’s health and nothing more priceless for the nation than the health of its future generation. Our children’s health is an overall picture of their physical, mental and social well being.

Prime india health

PRIME INDIA HEALTH CARE.A Professionally run diversified enterprise engaged in core segments of healthcare. Most admired International health care providers.

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