Business Dragan

Software Development

We write the software that you would write, if you knew how

Business Dragan is a boutique custom software development company based in India.
We have a team of highly experienced people who handle all stages of the software development cycle: analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation and support.

Agile, full-spectrum software development

We specialise in highly technical software challenges. We have successfully completed many difficult and demanding projects, working in such diverse areas as implementing customised business applications.

  • If you want to do something that off-the-shelf software can't do, talk to us.
  • If you have a software project that is bogged down or spinning out of control, talk to us
  • If you have lost the people you rely on, the ones who know how your system works, talk to us

Webportal Development

Premium Web Designing Service

Your website means a lot to your organization. In one or the other way, it represents as a CV of your organization. And hence, you need to appear your best. We provide professional website designing and create custom logos at affordable prices. We ensure to present the best of your organization in front of everyone, giving the best layout and appealing content that will be encouraging your visitors to get in contact with you at once..

In an aim to be the best web design company. We are proud to provide web designing services at affordable prices without affecting the quality we deliver to our clients.Our Web Development Professionals are always at your services ensuring you to provide their best in terms of advanced technology, budget and other terms and conditions.

We always design layout which are simple and easily accessible. This allow users to be able to navigate through your website easily and find the most relevant content they require..

Our Professionals keep themselves into certain phases while web designing:

We always design layout which are simple and easily accessible. This allow users to be able to navigate through your website easily and find the most relevant content they require..

  • Identify the target audiences or the traffic for your website, comparing to your competitors.
  • Survey the nature of your business / clients.
  • Works on the different case studies.
  • Develop a blueprint of your website
  • Keeping in mind different issues of web design & development, we are ready to assist you in anyway we could.

  • Solutions that you need Interactive Design

    Improve your website. Boost your search engine rankings. Manage your reputation. Promote your company

    Branding & Identity

    The outward expression of a brand including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance is brand identity.

    Mobile Platform

  • Fast growing smart phone poppulation.
  • Mobile users expect a quick loading browsing experience.
  • Mobile traffic is exploding.
  • Visitors are using mobile devices to plan trips as well as using them at their destination.
  • A great mobile website can eliminate the need to create separate mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms
  • Web Development

    Businss Dragan offers small to medium businesses end to end online solutions. It manages your entire site development from a unique brand identity to your web design and build; incorporating all the business tools you'll need to manage your site now and in the future. Take a look at some of our featured web design clients.

    Mobile Application Development

    We Build Mobile Apps.

    We turn technically challenging concepts into Mobile Apps with performance. Apart from ensuring security for your data and information We also guarantee high quality, fast delivery and of course our rates are reasonable and at par with the market.


    We believe creating designs is an art. We give an commercial based artistic touch anytime and every time. Our designs are uniquely created and they totally blend with the client's brands and end user's expectations.

    Strategic approach.

    We create the ultimate perfect strategy for our customers so that they can get the most out of the mobile market.

    About our projects.

    GPS Based Tracking, GPS based Emergency Signalers are our milestones. Currently we are working on a multi-platform APP which will ensure millions of parents about their children's whereabouts, especially during the transits between school to home.

    Always an helping hand

    Apart from the development of the project, We always extend our hand in support, to our customers.

    We believe this as the key for our success ..

    We provide various Software Solutions also:

  • Web-based Applications.
  • Client-Server Applications.
  • Mobile traffic is exploding.
  • Enterprise Business Solutions.
  • Systems Software.
  • Standalone Applications

    Business Dragan has the expertise, experience and resources to develop Software applications that best suit our client's needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure .

    A Standalone Application or a Portable Application is a software which is made for working both online and offline.

    These Applications play a significant part in connecting External Hardware Devices such as USB Drive, Printers, Camera, Bio Metric Utilities, GPS Encoders, RFID Scanners etc.,

    We specialise in .net based stand alone applications suitable for almost all kinds of desktop supported and non installable applications. We make these applications in such a way that when there is no internet they work offline and can sync itself when there is internet connection.