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Business Dragan provides you reliable services all along. Its existing from the year 2003 onwards. Its Parent Company Thejas Graafics exists from 1998 on-wards. Collectively servicing hundreds of clients. Business Dragan is your effective partner for all kinds of your website requirements.

Any Website is made for two reasons. One is Brand Promotion and the other is Leads generating. We in Business Dragan have a unique method which we called "Market Oriented Approach" with each we design each website with tailor made requirements for each client. Thereby increasing the chances for them to procure leads from market.

We are the Pioneers of "WaaS Module" otherwise known as "Web site as a Service" Module. By this we encourage all kinds of businesses to float high quality websites without the burden of huge upfront or onetime payment. They are also encouraged to update their sites without any additional charges.

Your website is made with Core Technology in LAMP Architecture.

On behalf of you, we buy the domain and host it. In case if you already have a domain initially we point it to our servers and from next year onward we pay for it by transferring it to our server.

For Starters, Startups and Companies GOLD Plan will be a boon. However we prefer discussing upfront about the business, its expansion possibilities before advising on a plan.

Yes, we can transfer your website with a minimal or no downtime. We will guide you once you are inside the system to transfer your domain and existing site.

Yes, we encourage to host multiple domain names and design multiple websites with us. But each separate website need to adapt individual WaaS Module plans. In case you require multiple domain names and a single website, thereby re directing your other domain names to a single website, additional pro rata special charges will apply for this. .

Yes, upgrading from one Module to other Higher Module is possible. However Degrading is not encouraged as some services cannot be degraded. The pertaining extra charges for upgrading are at present nil.

Usually, the updates take 24 hours to 48 hours at the Max. But we cannot guarantee during unusual circumstances.

Absolutely not. We have hand held guidance services via Phone and Mail. Professional designers will ensure that you get what you want.

You are not struck with us. If you find our services not up-to your standards, we request you to place a direct call to our office and sort things out. We promise to upgrade our services if necessary. But still if you wish to move, we have a cancellation notice of two months in advance with upfront payment. However the minimum term of the contract is for 12 months and generally cancellations are encouraged only after this. We believe WaaS Module is a continuous process and we request you to allow some time for it to settle down to your business.

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